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Boston Area Spray Foam Home Insulation

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a spray-applied plastic that forms a continuous insulation and air sealing barrier on walls, roofs, and contoured surfaces. Spray foam expands on contact to insulate, seal gaps, and form moisture and vapor barriers. Spray foam insulation is known to resist heat transfer extremely well, and it reduces unwanted air infiltration through cracks, seams, and joints.

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Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation Over Traditional Insulation?

The question one must ask themselves inevitably is, “Why would anyone choose traditional insulation in exchange for the endless advantages and superiority of Spray Foam?” Quite simply answered, you shouldn’t. If you were told to stand outside in the wind and rain, would you prefer to have a rain coat or a cotton shirt? A rain coat of course, just like a rain coat for your home or office, Boston Foam Insulators will not only provide thermal comfort with high R-Value insulating properties, but Boston Foam also creates a weather tight, air-sealed protective barrier. This insulating barrier also reinforces the structural integrity of your walls, floors and ceiling.  This provides advanced air movement protection, including hard to insulate spaces such as electrical outlets and light fixtures, including walls and windows joints. The premier provider of insulation in Boston, MA. If you want Insulation done right, contact us today.